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The post-reaming anchor bolt means that after the straight hole is drilled in the concrete substrate, the hole is reamed again at the bottom of the hole, and the cavity after reaming and the open key piece of the anchor bolt form an interlocking mechanism to realize the post-anchoring connection.
The rear bellow mechanical anchor bolt is composed of screw, bellow casing, flat washer, spring washer, nut, and is made of 5.8 grade steel, 8.8 grade steel, 304 (A2-70)/316 (A4-80) stainless steel and other materials. Surface treatment is electrogalvanizing (average zinc layer thickness > 5 μ m) , applied to common environment; Hot dip galvanizing (average zinc layer thickness>45 μ m) , used in corrosive environment.
The rear belled mechanical anchor bolt shall be used on the base materials such as non-cracked concrete/cracked concrete, natural stone, etc., to fix the structural parts with high load or install the heavy equipment. The rear expansion mechanical anchor bolt has stable and excellent anchoring performance under high load, vibration load and impact load. After mechanical locking and installation in place, there is no need to wait for curing time to improve construction efficiency.
The operation process of mechanical anchor bolt for rear bottom expansion is as follows: first, use a straight hole drill to drill holes and depths of corresponding diameters, then use a special bottom expansion drill to shake at the bottom to expand the bottom into wedge-shaped holes, then use a soot blower to align the hole until there is no dust overflow in the hole, and finally hit the rear bottom expansion anchor bolt to expand the bottom to complete the anchoring.

Post time: Mar-13-2023